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Gold: $500.00+


Silver: $250.00+
Bronze: $100.00+

The Melito Family

Antranig and Peggy Hagopian

David & Paula Dube

The Kaddaras Family

The Redmond Family

Elizabeth and Derek Russell 

The Sweeney Family

The Tulloch Family

Virginia Bry and Family

Kelly and Michael Frank

Tony and Deirdre Drago

The Hartman Family

Robyn & Casey Griffin

Lisa Muise

Sara and Bill DeLeary



Lori & Rick Michaud

Anthony & Theresa Guardia

State Representative Paul Brodeur

The Guida Family

Jane & Ed Foley

The Barrett Family

Matt and Jane Smith

Dawn Flannigan


Dave & Valerie Hatfield

South Family

The Powers Family

Bentubo Family 

Paul and Tracy Simpson

Jen & Jim McGovern


Michelle Carson

The Shannon Family

Doreen & Jim Jolly

Sharon & Donald Nikosey - In Memory of Nick Guletsky

The Eriksen Family

The Chanley Family

Becky and Doug Mandell

The Hickey Family

Catherine & Vake Dhingra

The Levy Family

The Beck Family

Eileen Doherty

OTHER AMOUNT (every little bit helps)


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